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The Truth About Osteoarthritis

| 04/21/2014

If you’ve never heard of osteoarthritis or want to know more about this condition, this post will fill you in. It’s a condition that affects a person’s joints, and is the most common type of arthritis reported in the UK. A total of 1 million people see their GP about this condition every year, so […]

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How to Get Walking Again After Knee Surgery

| 04/14/2014

Over 10 million people visit the doctor every year with knee problems; from a meniscus tear to a simple sprain. In some circumstances it is vital that a patient undergoes knee surgery, in order to be able to regain some function of the joint again or to prevent further damage. As with any surgery, it […]

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Want a Behind Like J.Lo? Things to Consider Before Getting Implants

| 03/18/2014

Buttock implants were first popular in America before growing in popularity in the UK – mainly because women crave a bottom to rival J.Lo or Nicki Minaj. Gone are the days that women with small bottoms rules magazines and TV – now it’s all about the big, rounded bums. For people who have flat bottoms […]

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Immune System Regulator Found To Protect Brain From Effects Of Stroke

| 01/18/2013

Research show that Immune System Regulator Found To Protect Brain From Effects Of Stroke. A small molecule known to regulate white blood cells has a surprising second role in protecting brain cells from the deleterious effects of stroke, Johns Hopkins researchers report. The molecule, microRNA-223, affects how cells respond to the temporary loss of blood supply […]

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Risk Of Childhood Obesity Can Be Predicted At Birth

| 12/09/2012

A simple formula can predict at birth a baby’s likelihood of becoming obese in childhood, according to a study published today in the open access journal. The formula, which is available as an online calculator, estimates the child’s obesity risk based on its birth weight, the body mass index of the parents, the number of people […]

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Research On Blood Vessel Proteins Holds Promise For Controlling ‘Blood-Brain Barrier’

| 12/08/2012

Research On Blood Vessel Proteins Holds Promise For Controlling ‘Blood-Brain Barrier’  - Working with mice, Johns Hopkins researchers have shed light on the activity of a protein pair found in cells that form the walls of blood vessels in the brain and retina, experiments that could lead to therapeutic control of the blood-brain barrier and of […]

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Bayer receives green light for new long-term contraceptive in the EU

| 12/06/2012

Bayer HealthCare has successfully concluded the European registration procedure for its new low dose levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (IUS). This long-term contraceptive is placed in the uterus for the prevention of pregnancy for up to three years. Sweden served as Reference Member State for the Decentralized Procedure to gain EU-wide marketing authorization for the new IUS. […]

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Surgeons Implant First Brain ‘Pacemaker’ For Alzheimer’s Disease In US

| 12/06/2012

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine in November surgically implanted a pacemaker-like device into the brain of a patient in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, the first such operation in the United States. The device, which provides deep brain stimulation and has been used in thousands of people with Parkinson’s disease, is seen as a […]

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