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Received Poor Medical Advice & Don’t Know Where To Turn? Read This

| 06/24/2015

Injury and illness is something we can all expect to encounter at some stage during our lives. What we don’t expect, however, is to receive the wrong information by the professionals hired to help us through these difficult moments. Sadly, medical negligence does occur and it can affect our health. The majority of us take […]

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6 Very Real Health Problems Related To Smoking

| 06/03/2015

Did you know there are 7,000 chemicals in every cigarette? Most of them are dangerous, and nearly 100 are cancerous. It’s no secret that cigarettes are bad for your health. Smoking has long been associated with poor health and even fatal diseases. But, you might not be aware of exactly how they do their damage. […]

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Ways To Cope With Chronic Back Pain

| 05/23/2015

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that we human beings suffer from. The pain can be the result of a number of causes. These include injuries, poor posture or repetitive strain, for example, through sport. In many cases, the pain will get better in a short amount of time. But in other, […]

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Are You Taking Anxiety Seriously Enough?

| 05/23/2015

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue. There seems to be an underlying notion that it’s not that serious. This attitude may be because mental health problems such as anxiety are hard to see. It’s hard to understand and sympathise with an illness is you can’t see any of the signs. Read on to […]

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Definitive Action to Take Following a Back Injury

| 05/19/2015

Back injuries are nothing short of a nightmare. They can be debilitating and extremely painful. You’ll find your mobility significantly reduced. You might even discover that you’re bed ridden for a long while. There is no injury more inconvenient than the back. If your back goes you basically can’t move. But, the reality is that […]

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6 Treatment Options For Swallowing Disorders

| 05/11/2015

Swallowing disorders (or the medical term dysphagia) have a number of causes. The can be the result of a neurological condition which has affected the nerves that control the swallowing mechanism in our bodies. Or they can be caused by an obstruction in the throat, such as cancer. As well as these causes, swallowing disorders […]

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Asbestos-Related Illnesses You Need To Know About

| 05/08/2015

Thousands of people in the US are exposed to dangerous asbestos every single year. The problem has become so bad that our government in the process of making changes to the law. At the current time, countries like the UK and some of those in Europe have made the substance illegal. That means a much […]

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Benefits of Wearing Scrubs to Work

| 05/07/2015

Scrubs are ideal for men and women who want to look professional while at work. They are commonly worn at hospitals and doctor’s office, but employees can wear them at daycare centers and laboratories as well. One of the benefits of wearing scrubs as a work uniform is that you don’t have to worry about […]

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