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Essential Things a Health Care Provider Should Have

| 08/23/2016

Have you recently moved to a new area? If this is the case, you will need to find a new primary care provider. Do not simply make an appointment for yourself with the first doctor who is listed in the local phone book. Your health care should be more important to you than that. You […]

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Understanding an Epilepsy Diagnosis

| 08/07/2016

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is characterized by recurring seizures that are mot caused by obvious, external factors. While seizures sometimes occur after accidents, drug overdoses and other biological phenomena, patients who are eventually diagnosed with epilepsy generally cannot pinpoint the cause of their seizures. Because one-time seizures do not typically indicate epilepsy, health […]

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Procedures Done at a Plastic Surgeon’s Office

| 08/07/2016

Plastic surgeon Donald P. Hanna, MD, is please to treat both male and female patients. Like other reputable plastic surgeons in Raleigh North Carolina, he is proficient in many cosmetic surgeries, procedures and treatments, but stands out because of the attentiveness and compassion he displays when dealing with his patients. He understands that listening is […]

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Filing Essure Lawsuits Made Possible

| 08/04/2016

According to numerous women, the birth control device called Essure, which needs to be implanted surgically, has led to numerous serious health problems. However, suing the manufacturers was impossible since the birth control had already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Congress members say that the time has to come to change […]

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Headaches or migraines bringing you down? Consider a visit to your dentist

| 07/19/2016

Every year, nearly 45 million Americans complain about headaches. That means that more than 16.5 percent of the national population deals with some form of internal head pain. Headaches are, in fact, the most commonly reported medical problem. There are, of course, different types of headaches – tension, migraine, and cluster – and while they’re […]

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Talking To Your Teenager About Health-Related Issues

| 07/13/2016

There are many issues that affect teenagers today. They live in a different society to the one their parents grew up in. They occupy a world that is driven by digital communication. Information is fast and relentless. This brings with it a whole new set of pressures and problems. One area that can be tricky […]

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What Your Private Practice Premises Needs To Do For You

| 06/29/2016

Are you setting up a private practice? Your skills as a doctor and the quality of the services you provide will play a huge role in the success of your business. But there is one asset that plays almost as big a role. An asset that a lot of private practice do not make the […]

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What To Do When Others Are Responsible For Your Health Woes

| 06/27/2016

There are a lot of times when our own actions have consequences on our health. Or when we are impacted by events completely out of anyone’s control. Then there are the other situations where we know that we’re not the ones at fault and can even point to those at fault. It’s important that we […]

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