Diabetes Risk: Diabetes Risk may foreseen with blood test

Diabetes risk may be foreseen with blood test. Researchers have found that in our blood there are five molecules present which can help to identify the risk of diabetes few years before when the diabetes symptoms appeared. This research will help to identify early if you are going to be…

U.S hit by Japan’s nuclear plant radiation

It is reported that 13 of US states has now confirmed of having nuclear radiation from Japan earthquake disaster so far. After the earthquake in Japan which leads to the destruction of nuclear plants, it was assumed that US will not be affected with the radiations.

FlexPen: Next Generation FlexPen by Novo Nordisk

About Flexpen: Novo Nordisk has its new Flexpen called as next generation Flexpen for the diabetes patients. This is an upgrade version of all Novo Nordisk insulin pens, a remarkable milestone Novo Nordisk achieved in the shap of Flexpen.

Abortion? What is Abortion – Abortion is Termination

What is Abortion? What is Abortion? A short answer, Abortion is pregnancy termination. Abortion is a procedure which is taken to end a pregnancy before the born of a baby. Or we can also say in simple words to “kill a baby”. It can also be occurred during pregnancy complications…

Insulin pen for diabetes Patient

Insulin pen for diabetes Patient: There are two ways that a new diabetes patient can maintain his/her insulin level in blood. These are Disposable Insulin Syringes and other one it Insulin pen. An insulin pen is a delivery instrument which is used to inject insulin in the body for the…