Taking care of your skin is important, and chances are you have some sort of routine in place. When was the last time you changed it up a bit, maybe adding in a treatment that’s specific to your individual needs? While there are a ton of options available, it can be tricky determining which one makes sense to incorporate into your routine. Keep reading for two ways to go about pampering your skin.

1. Give Resurfacing Treatments a Try

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish your complexion was smoother, brighter or more even-toned? You’re not alone.

Skin resurfacing will be your friend here and you can approach this a few ways. Visiting the professionals for skin renew microneedling rf is one, while going the glycolic acid route is another. What you ultimately want is for your skin to be stimulated into producing more collagen, leaving your skin with a smoother, brighter appearance.

Don’t forget about exfoliation. This is an important part of skincare but it’s also often misunderstood and overdone, leaving faces everywhere raw, red and irritated. When using a scrub or chemical exfoliant, less is more. Two to three times per week should suffice.

2. Make Masks Your Complexion’s Best Friend

Next time you feel like doing something special for your skin, remember that it’s okay to keep it simple. Research and pick up a treatment mask that’s appropriate for your skin type, clear a bit of time on your schedule once a week, and prepare to look and feel great when you’re finished.

To gain the maximum benefits from your mask, routine is very important. Always cleanse and/or exfoliate first and apply the mask to damp skin. Don’t forget to treat and moisturize after rinsing — this is the perfect time to really pamper yourself.