As people enter their latter years, their bodies and minds often begin to break down, either from disease or from the natural ageing process. They may be less capable of daily functions and require aid. The role of caregiver usually falls on younger generations of the family like children or grandchildren. However, the demands of work and other family may make providing the help needed difficult or virtually impossible, especially in today’s fast paced, high stress society. To give your elderly loved ones the supervision and assistance they deserve, you might have to look at existing care options besides home care like a residential care facility Missouri.

1. Assisted Living Service

Assisted living residences are places for both those unable to live on their own and those unwilling to. These group living homes provide care of varying levels (depending on what is paid for). They usually provide individual rooms/apartments for each resident, as well as common areas for them to congregate in as a community. Medication, meals, security, social activities, housekeeping and other amenities come with assisted living.

2. Nursing Home

Nursing homes supply more intensive care than assisted living. There is generally more focus on medical services like nursing and rehabilitation. Constant supervision, meals and other benefits are included. While the majority of nursing home inhabitants are permanent residents due to their disabilities, some do enter after being in a hospital and then later depart.

3. Residential Care Facility

Also called board and care homes, residential care facilities are smaller, more exclusive accommodations. They customarily house 20 members or less. Meals and care are provided. There is also an always available staff. However, medical and nursing functions are not part of onsite services. Individuals may choose to reside in their own quarters or share with others.

These are good alternatives for those who want the best for their family members but are unable to personally care for them due to time constraints or other legitimate reasons.