There are plenty of things out there that humans can get addicted too. There’s stuff like gambling and fast food that can lead to awful addictions. However, I’m not here to talk about that kind of thing. I’m going to talk about some of the most addictive substances in the world today. What are these substances, and how do they affect the human body?


You’ll commonly find nicotine in most cigarettes that you can buy in shops everywhere. It’s a drug that’s easy to access and a large proportion of people consume. Lots of people assume nicotine isn’t that addictive, but it really is!

There are moderate doses of nicotine in cigarettes, which act as a stimulant. Smoking causes people to feel more relaxed, and as a result, it becomes very addictive. I could probably take up two blog posts describing all the problems nicotine causes your body, there are so many. Most notably, smoking nicotine damages the respiratory system and increases the chance of lung cancer.



Many people forget that alcohol is an addictive substance. Maybe because it’s so freely sold, and it just seems like a harmless drink. The truth is, alcohol is a drug, and it’s a highly addictive one too. Lots of people every year get addicted to alcohol, it’s very common. There are tonnes of alcohol rehab centres that are packed full of those that fell into its addictive trap.

Alcohol affects people in many ways, starting with the brain. You lose your ability to think clearly, when consuming alcohol, which explains why drunk people are so hard to deal with. Drinking too much alcohol can seriously affect your mental state and lead to all kinds of mental illnesses. Also, it’s awful for our body and can damage the liver as well as other important organs.



Widely considered as one of the most addictive substances around, and with good reason. Heroin is super addictive, and it only takes a little for people to become dependent on it. This is because it causes people to experience an extreme high when they take it. At the time, this can be very pleasing, and you want to experience it more and more.

However, there are some long-term effects of heroin on the human body. It can damage your teeth as well as weaken your immune system too. There is also evidence to suggest it’s harmful to your sex drive and can ruin your sex life. Heroin causes mental issues too, such as insomnia and depression.

You can probably see that there is one major difference between heroin and the other two substances on this list. It’s not necessarily ‘easy’ for you to buy heroin when compared to nicotine and alcohol. This is because it’s illegal and so isn’t sold in shops or pharmacies, largely because it’s so addictive. My point here is that, although the other two aren’t as addictive, it can be much easier to get addicted. It’s too easy to access these addictive drugs that can harm the body. Be careful if you do drink and smoke, make sure you don’t spiral out of control.