Weight loss physicians can be invaluable sources of advice and encouragement as you struggle to slim down. However, you shouldn’t choose just anyone to go on this journey with you. Here are three questions you should ask a weight loss specialist before handing over the keys to your future.

1. What’s Their Success Rate?

How many patients have they successfully guided out of obesity? How many patients have backslid after a year? A good weight loss doctor should have these numbers on hand during your consultation, and he should be able to share them with you.

2. What Are Their Methods?

Some patients want a drill sergeant who won’t accept any excuses. Others are looking for a lighter, more compassionate touch. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to weight loss doctors, so do some soul-searching and figure out which kind is right for you.

3. What Are Their Office Hours?

If you’re a late-night binge eater, it won’t do much good to hire a weight loss specialist who goes home at 5pm. You should also ask about communication methods in addition to communication hours. Is he available by phone, text, email, live chat or all of the above?

These are just a few things you should know about your weight loss doctor before you sign any contracts or enter any agreements. Click here to learn more about physicians who specialize in weight loss and how they can help you.