With all the responsibilities you have each week, sometimes things fall by the wayside. However, certain responsibilities should never be put off and one of those is your annual dental checkup. Although your teeth may look and feel fine, here are four important reasons to see your dentist every year.

1. Professional Cleaning

Even if you brush and floss every day, your teeth will still develop hardened plaque known as tartar. During your cleaning, your hygienist will remove tartar and also check for gum disease and oral cancer. A good hygienist will also show you how to floss better and which products work best for your teeth.

2. Early Treatment of Developing Problems

Another important reason to see your dentist each year is that not all problems are visible to the patient. When your dentist Happy Valley Oregon checks your teeth, he or she can spot small cavities or abnormalities you aren’t aware of. This allows you to treat these problems before they become painful.

3. You Have Children

If you have children, it’s absolutely imperative to visit the dentist each year as a family. Get your kids used to going to the dentist from a young age so they’re not afraid. As a parent, you’ll be setting a good example and you can also get tips on how to help your kids brush better.

4. Cosmetic Issues

Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, you may want to talk to your dentist about cosmetic issues. Perhaps you’re interested in whitening your smile or straightening your teeth with adult braces. Regular visits will allow your dentist to monitor your progress and get you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Life can be hectic but never ignore annual dental checkups. By seeing your dentist every year, you’ll avoid costly problems and keep a healthy, beautiful smile.