Many older homeowners wish to spend the remaining years of their lives in the residences where they may have spent most of their adult lives. This is obtainable for most, even those who may not be able to care entirely for their own needs.

There are several different types of home care, including companion care Westchester County. Other forms include personal care and home health care. Four basic signs can help families determine if it’s time for in-home care.

Home Maintenance Challenges

Keeping up with their home isn’t typically easy for anyone, regardless of age. When seniors, who are often retired and have more free time, difficulties in keeping up with household chores could be a sign that a little help may be warranted. The reasons for this could be due to physical health issues, lack of motivation or even failure to remember to keep up with the house.

Lack of Interest

Some adult family members may notice that their elderly parents have become disinterested in doing anything. Once active seniors may have let go of hobbies such as walking, gardening and traveling. Instead, they may be more content with a less active lifestyle.

Reduced Mobility

Failure to get around the house is another sign that a home care provider might be necessary. Even completing normal tasks of daily life may be difficult. These include things such as cooking and navigating stairs.

Noticeable Physical Changes

If you notice that your loved one tends to be letting themselves go, there may be a more serious issue. Failure to shower, dress and care for oral hygiene may be signs that your parent either isn’t motivated to care for these basic physical needs and/or capable of doing so.

Keeping an eye on these four basic indicators will help families know when it might be time for home care.