Playground accidents can be serious. It is important for parents and care providers to know what to do if that tumble off the climbing equipment results in more than a minor scrape. These four steps can help you address any injuries as well as avoid new ones in the future.

1. Establish the Severity of Potential Injuries

Just because a child is screaming doesn’t necessarily mean that an injury is serious. Anyone who has had a paper but can tell you that small scrapes or cuts can hurt really bad, too. Once you have calmed down the child, take time to triage the situation, assess how severe the injury sustained is and then determine whether you should seek professional help or handle it yourself. A first aid training class can help make this step easier.

2. Seek the Proper Medical Intervention

If you do need to seek medical care, go to the right place. Anything that could be potentially life-threatening or needs immediate attention requires a call to 911 for an ambulance. Urgent care centers are great for less-serious injuries that can be handled on an outpatient basis. Dental emergencies are quite common in children, too. A chipped tooth Elkridge MD should be examined and repaired by a dentist familiar with pediatric patients.

3. Follow Any Instructions for Treatment and Care

Once you have sought treatment, follow the instructions you are given. That can be a challenge with smaller kids, but it is crucial to ensure they heal properly. If they need to go for a follow-up visit, schedule that appointment before you leave the hospital or doctor’s office.

4. Learn How To Evaluate Playgrounds for Safety

While accidents are pretty inevitable when kids are involved, injuries can often be prevented. Learn what makes a playground safe and what is a sign you should visit somewhere else to help minimize the potential for future ER trips.

Playgrounds are wonderful places for kids of all ages to play, socialize and burn off excess energy. They can also be quite dangerous. Know what steps to take after a playground injury so you can handle any potential accidents without becoming overwhelmed.