With so many issues and demands in today’s culture, it can be easy to get off track and lose your confidence. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it happens to everyone. Fortunately, there are a few key things you can do to regain a feeling of steadiness and composure. Here are some ideas to try.

1. Have a Pleasant Expression

Having a pleasant facial expression sends a positive message both to people you encounter and also to your own body physiology, lifting your mood. It’s a win-win situation! When it’s appropriate, sharing a full smile can increase others’ feelings of trust in you and make your interactions warmer and more sincere. Want to feel more confident about your smile? Do a search using terms like dental veneers Park Slope to find a clinician who’s a good fit for you.

2. Maintain Good Posture

Being mindful of your posture will make a big impact on how you’re perceived. It’s also good for your health and long-term vitality. To help this along, maintain a regular exercise routine, do exercises (like yoga or Pilates) that address postural issues, and set up your workspace so you are able to sit and stand in a well-aligned way.

3. Take Up Space

Obviously, it’s a good idea to be courteous and kind in public and private situations. That said, don’t shrink to make yourself smaller if there’s no reason to. There are four layers of personal space, depending on the relationship and circumstance you’re in. Be savvy about which layer you’re operating in, and make the most of it.

4. Maintain Great Grooming

Remember the basics. Wear clean, non-wrinkled clothing (with no holes or hanging threads) that fits well. Keep your body and hair clean, and regularly take care of grooming tasks so you’ll be ready for any occasion.

5. Stay Centered

Having a strong, stable sense of self in relation to other people and the environment will go a long way toward improving your confidence and poise. Start from the inside. Prioritize taking care of important relationships in your life and setting healthy boundaries. Have a mindfulness or spiritual practice that’s right for you and provides a sense of meaning, purpose, and groundedness. You’ll be more naturally confident and self-assured.

Looking more confident is a matter of putting good habits into practice. Try these ideas to look and feel like the best version of yourself.