Thousands of people in the US are exposed to dangerous asbestos every single year. The problem has become so bad that our government in the process of making changes to the law. At the current time, countries like the UK and some of those in Europe have made the substance illegal. That means a much lower percentage of their workers are contracting the diseases associated with the material. Just to highlight the importance of staying safe, we wanted to draw your attention towards the four most common illnesses caused by asbestos. We hope doing that will make you understand how important it can be to steer clear.


While there are some treatment options available for people who contract mesothelioma, most experts agree that it is a pretty nasty disease. Shockingly, asbestos exposure is deemed to be the prime cause of the cancer in almost 100% of instances. It is also one of the most deadly diseases in the US, killing no less than three-thousand people every single year. Most patients experience chest and abdominal pain that can become unbearable before condition finally kills them.

Lung Cancer

One of the worst things about contracting lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos is that it is hard to determine the prime cause. Check out if you want to learn what evidence lawyers need to build their case. Asbestos-related lung cancer is virtually indistinguishable from those cancers caused by alternative risk factors. That means there could be a lot of people out there with lung cancer who have no idea they contracted the illness due to their exposure. For that reason, getting compensation for that disease when it has been brought about by asbestos can be exceptionally difficult.

Ovarian Cancer

It’s not only the men who have to worry about becoming ill after exposure to asbestos. In 2009, a study was published that highlighted a clear link between ovarian cancer and the dangerous substance. The fibers from the material have been found in the ovaries repeatedly in some patients, and they are also known to spread to the lymph system through the bloodstream. Ovarian cancer kills a lot of women in the US every year, and so it is vital you seek medical help if you are concerned.

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Yes, that’s right folks. Asbestos is so dangerous that it has its very own medical condition. Asbestosis is a benign but deadly lung disease that causes scarring and inflammation of lung tissue. It affects people so badly because it stops the lungs from functioning properly. Shortness of breath and a tight chest are common, and 1,400 people died from it in the US last year.

Having learned more about the most common asbestos-related diseases, we hope you will be better placed to notice any of the symptoms. Asbestos affects your lungs more drastically than anything else. So, people who have to expose themselves to the substance are advised to wear the best breathing equipment possible. That is the only way you can limit the chances of becoming ill in later life. Ideally though, you should avoid it altogether.