Medical Waste Management
Medical Waste Management

B.D (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and Waste Management Healthcare Solutions (WMHS) announced BD ecoFinity™ service, a joint venture agreement for recycling the medical and hospital waste and from other healthcare facilities in US.

This venture together lunched the BD ecoFinity™ Life Cycle Solution service, this service utilizes the medical waste from Hospitals and other medical facilities to produce new products. This service will mainly deals the recycling of single use or disposables medical devices and instruments such as surgical needles, Disposable Syringes and I.V catheters. The BD ecoFinity™ service will reduce the hospital and medical facilities environmental concerns and also reduces the additional cost on disposing off their waste without affecting their patient care.

“Our unique integrated environmental solutions increase value by managing materials more efficiently to help lower the costs for our healthcare customers, while maintaining safety and compliance standards. We are pleased to be collaborating with BD to move forward our shared vision of safety and sustainability.” said Mike McInerney, vice president of WM Healthcare Solutions.

“BD’s long-term objective is to reduce the environmental impacts of our products at each stage of the life cycle. The collaboration between Waste Management and BD will help healthcare facilities reduce the materials that go into disposal, and aligns with BD’s sustainability vision to reduce the environmental footprint of medication delivery.  We are also working to reduce the use of raw materials, increase the use of recycled materials in new products, and manufacture products in a more sustainable manner.” said Bill Kozy, executive vice president, BD.

A pilot program was started at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego. It is observed from this pilot program that more than 70 percent of medical waste has been recycled, This pilot BD ecoFinity™ service in RCH have been recognized for environmental achievement which makes BD stable for its 2nd rank in the Healthcare sector.

This joint venture of BD and Waste Management Healthcare Solutions (WMHS) will initiate its service in the areas having facilities of landfill, recycling consulting services and waste-to-energy installations. This service will also be backed by Alliance to meet its goals which will triple its amount of recycling medical waste by the year 2020 including investing for further enhancement in the technology of waste management.