BD Facsmicrocount
BD Facsmicrocount

In the industry, microbiologists now have a new tool for quality control laboratories for rapid screening of raw materials, in-process and finished goods for the presence of microorganisms that can threaten product quality.

BD has announced that they have obtained worldwide rights from Advanced Analytical Technologies to market the instrument, which was previously known as the Micro PRO Microbial Detection System.

“Acquiring this new platform allows us to draw upon expertise from across the Company. It will allow us to leverage our collective expertise in industrial microbiology quality control and flow cytometry to benefit our customers. “ said James Glasscock, President of Cell Analysis, BD Biosciences.

This system is designed for pharmaceuticals, personal care products, beverages, probiotics, home cleaning products and water treatment facilities. It screens for a variety of microorganisms which includes bacteria, yeast, mold, spirochetes, Mycoplasma, and parasite cysts. This system reduces the time of analysis report which results in helping to reduce production process time and cost.

This System is specially designed for rapid microbial enumeration and detection. It also differentiates between living and dead organisms and enumeration.  These samples are then injected into the flow cell where labeled microbes pass single file through a focused laser beam, which causes the microbes to emit fluorescence and scattered laser light that allow the system to count and record them.