BD Max open System for molecular testing
BD Max open System for molecular testing

The BD Max™ system is the fully-automated molecular testing for molecular diagnostics system also called as The next Generation Molecular Platform. This provides the handy and on demand workflow with system which fully automates Nucleic acid extraction, Cell analysis, PCR setup, Detection and Amplification.

What is BD Max™ System?

The BD Max™ open molecule testing system provides complete testing efficiency, flexibility and scalability for molecular testing in clinical Laboratories. This system is previously known as Handylab Jaguar System which in now representing the next generation automatic workstation for molecular testing.

This system is designed to streamline workflow of the Laboratory and provide complete walk-away automation, this system also houses the different workloads for the maximum laboratory testing efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

The Combination of BD Max™ GBS assay on the BD Max™ system make them fully the only fully automated polymerase chain reaction method for the diagnosis of GBS vaginal  swabs after enrichment in Lim Broth.

BD Max™ Efficiency:

BD Max™ is capable of running total of 24 samples at same time with on demand capability, this reduces the labor requirements which makes this system low cost. It has simplified workflow utilizing unitized reagent strips. BD Max™ also Automates processing of lysis with PCR and detection with no operative involvement.

BD Max™ Flexibility:

BD Max™ have multiple specimen types and assays which can run simultaneously. It also provides workflow flexibility that accommodates a maximum range of volumes with walk-away convenience.

BD Max™ Scalability:

BD Max™ provides platform which offers cost effective molecular testing for low and high volumes. It also incorporates with BD MAX™ GBS which is the first fully automated IVD assay cleared for use with Lim Broth.


The BD MAX System is clear to use with the BD MAX GBS Assay. BD MAX System is also approved by FDA only when used with BD MAX IVD assays which is already approved by the FDA, but the functions supporting user defined protocols on the BD MAX Open System still not approved by the FDA.


What is BD Max™ System Technology?

The BD MAX System technology is designed which reduces the complexity in testing, time of testing and the cost of molecular testing. This technology accommodates the following features:

  • Extraction of Nucleic acid and Lysis
  • Real-Time PCR of Microfluidic
  • Easy to Use

Extraction of Nucleic acid and Lysis

BD Max™ System provides fully automated processing uses a combination of nucleic extraction and lytic enzymes and extraction reagents to perform cell lysis, maximum of 24 samples simultaneously.

Extraction of Nucleic acid and Lysis
Extraction of Nucleic acid and Lysis

The releasing of nucleic acids are collected by high affinity magnetic beads. The beads bound with nucleic acids are then washed then this nucleic asid are eluted and prepared for PCR by neutralization of reagent. This redeems the final elution volume and which is designed to provide concentration of indented material different than the method of capturing.


Real-Time PCR of Microfluidic

DNA unitized reagent strip
DNA unitized reagent strip

The BD MAX molecular testing System dealt with efficient microfluidic based Real time PCR. This reaction can be performed with BD Disposable Microfluic Cartridges. In this reaction volume with microthermal circuits allowed to have Thermo-cycling for a short time. The detection is based on wavelength fluorescence-detection and micro valves seals off all of the chambers before initializing of PCR so that evaporation and the risk of contamination can be prevented.


Easy to Use

BD Max microfluidic cartridge
BD Max microfluidic cartridge

The BD MAX molecular testing System have the best in which all the disposables and reagents required for nucleic acids extraction and lysis are loaded into Disposable Unitized Reagent strip that simplifies the setup.

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