Before you seek out a weight loss trainer Novato CA, you should understand the benefits of weight loss because understanding how you will benefit will motivate you to keep going through difficult periods. A small 5-10% loss in weight will provide you with significant physical benefits, but you will also see improvements in your psychological health and social life.

Physical Health

Many diseases are associated with overweight and obesity, including diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancers, stroke, sleep apnea and heart disease. A small decrease in weight significantly reduces the risks of these diseases. In addition, you will experience greater mobility due to decreases in joint and back pain and improvements in osteoarthritis. In addition, your hair and skin will improve and look healthier. You may also sweat less, and you will have more energy. Asthma and allergy symptoms may also go away.

Psychological and Mental Health

Healthy weight loss encourages a better body image and improves sleep. Therefore, it helps with depression and other mood disorders. Losing weight also helps you relax and adopt a more laid-back attitude. Although you may feel better about yourself, you may still struggle seeing your body as it truly is.

Your hunger will be reduced and your desire to exercise and do physical activities will increase. Individuals who weigh less also have greater memories and cognitive skills. You may find shifts in your priorities. You may spend less time on the couch and more time active.

Social Life

As you lose weight, you will begin to feel better about yourself. This will encourage you to get out in public and do more. You will spend time with others without feeling self-conscious. You will also enjoy doing things you didn’t previously enjoy, such as amusement parks and winter activities. In addition, your peers may come to you to ask how you lost the weight.

Others may also notice you more, and you may even find that they treat you better. Your relationships may change, some for the better and others for the worse, but you will learn who your true friends are. They will be happy for you and encourage you on your journey.


Due to the reduction in health risks, you will spend less on medical bills and health expenses, including the reduction or elimination of prescribed medications, if you lose weight. Your alcohol tolerance will also plummet. Because your mental acuity is strengthened, you may do your job better, resulting in higher pay.

Consider starting a weight-loss program today, and take advantage of the numerous benefits even the slightest weight loss can have on your life.