In life, there is no second chance to make a first impression. A big part of what people may notice about you when they meet you is your smile. If you are missing teeth when you grin, people may form certain conclusions about you and your dental health. This can happen even if your tooth loss was no fault of your own, and was caused by an accident or illness. The good news is that you don’t have to live with this situation any longer. Dental implants Georgetown has the solution to give you back the radiant smile that you deserve.

The Effects of Missing Teeth

Whether you are missing several teeth or just one, having space where a tooth should be makes it more difficult to eat or to speak with clarity, and it has a negative effect on your self-confidence. A larger concern is that missing teeth can cause more complicated dental problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and may lead to jawbone deterioration. Why not save yourself all of the physical and emotional trouble and choose to get dental implants instead?

Dental Implants Feel Natural

With dental implants, you will never feel as if something artificial is in your mouth. This is because they are integrated as a permanent part of your jaw. Just like your natural teeth do, implants have their own root and tooth. However, the root is a titanium screw that secures your new tooth in place. The crown or part of your tooth that is visible is matched perfectly in color to the rest of your teeth. When you smile with your “new teeth,” no one is going to know you have implants except for you.

Benefit Your Oral Health

When you replace missing teeth with implants, your other teeth stay healthier as a result. Nearby teeth no longer try and shift into the space that is empty, causing your teeth to become misaligned. Another plus is that with custom implants, there is no requirement to reshape teeth that are nearby, such as is common in other types of dental restorations. Dental implants are designed to fit perfectly into your lower or upper set of teeth.

If your smile isn’t as brilliant as you want it to be, and it is affecting your personal or professional life, getting dental implants can be the key to giving you the confidence that deep down you had all along.