An 11-year-old boy in the Philippines is recovering from a life-changing corrective surgery on his legs that was made possible by the Tim Tebow Foundation and CURE International. Aldrin, whose last name was not disclosed, was born with a severe leg deformity that left him in unbearable pain from simply standing, and prevented him from walking long distances, Fox 35 Orlando reported.

According to the CURE International blog, Aldrin’s condition was identified as congenital knee dislocation, which caused his knees to bed the wrong way. His stature left him subject to bullying from peers, and prevented him from participating in everyday activities.

“Essentially, Aldrin’s knee bends the wrong way like a flamingo,” Dr. Tim Mead, medical director of CURE and one of Aldrin’s lead surgeons, wrote on his blog. “Look at his picture and be amazed he could even get around at all.”

A team of three surgeons worked to correct and realign Aldrin’s joints, tendons and femur bones in a four-hour surgery before his legs were cast to protect the soft tissue and tendon repairs.

“When he had surgery it was OK because their staff gave us encouragement and they take care of us very well,” Aldrin’s mother, who was not identified, said in a video released by the Tim Tebow Foundation. “They encourage me and gave me strength that God knows and has an idea on what is best for him. God is in control just like your doctors and whatever is good for Aldrin.”

Mead wrote that with strenuous physical therapy, Aldrin should be able to walk normally and stand tall. In the foundation’s video, Aldrin was seen working with therapists in braces and taking steps with the help of a walker.

“Every day, lives are being changed at the Tebow CURE Hospital and I’m so thankful for that,” Tim Tebow said in a video about Aldrin.