What are the causes of acne?

What are the Causes of Acne
What are the Causes of Acne


The most common question related to this skin disease is, what are the causes of acne ? The exact causes of acne are still unknown in medical sciences, but medical researchers believe that this skin disease develops in results from many factors. According to the statistics around 60 million people suffer from this disease.

What are the causes of acne?

The most important factor of this is an increase in sex hormones which are called androgens. These hormones are increases in both genders during puberty in result they cause the sebaceous glands to expand and make more sebum. Hormonal changes related to pregnancy and starting or stopping birth control pills can also be the causes of acne.

There is another important factor which can be in the causes of acne is genetics. Researchers believe that the propensity to build up this disease can be inherited from parents. Studies have shown that many school going boys with acne are have a family history of the this disease. Causes of acne may also be drugs such lithium and androgens, these drugs are recognized for the causes of acne. Oily cosmetics may change the cells of the follicles and make them join together which will plug the sebum path.

What are the causes of acne – Common factors

Factors that can causes this disease are as follows:

Causes of acne- Hormonal changes: Changing in hormone levels in the adolescent ages are the major cause.

Causes of acne- Heredity: This skin disease can also caused due to the family history in the parents.

Causes of acne- Food: Food may also trigger this disease, these foods includes pizza, chocolate, greasy, fried foods, and junk food. Although some recent studies have implicated milk and pure chocolate in causing this disease.

Causes of ace- Dirt: Dirt can also be one of the causes of acne, due to dirt particles pores can be plugged which prevent sebum to come out and cause pimple.

Causes of acne- Stress: Stress also helpful in causing acne, people get so upset by this skin disease, but it is not playing a direct role in causing this disease.

Causes of acne- Drugs: There are some drugs which may cause this skin disease, these drugs contains iodides, bromides, steroids, prednisone. Some other medicines that may help in causing this disease are anticonvulsant and lithium drugs.

Causes of acne- Cosmetics: Oily cosmetics and skin-care products are pore clogging, it is necessary to read the ingredients and choose those cosmetics which have water listed first or second if you are concerned about this disease. Water-based products are safe.

These above are the causes of acne, but researchers believes that these above causes of acne can be ignored by acne few common reasons, regardless of above causes of acne :

Who suffers from Acne?

Regardless of causes of acne, people of all ethnicity and ages get this. This disease is most common in adolescent adults. According to statistics, 80 percent of the world population between 11 to 30 years of age have this disease outburst. Acne tends to go away by the time when they reach their 30s. However, some people have this skin problem till their remaining life.

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