The task of choosing a healthcare provider, aside from his or her credentials, should take into consideration the communication style and level of comfort you have when talking to him or her. Selecting a doctor that welcomes questions and encourages learning is extremely important. Communication should be easy and free flowing between a doctor and a patient. This is why a large part of health care is self-care. Self-care is not possible if your knowledge and understanding of your health and medical conditions don’t grow: and they will not grow if you and your provider have strained and limited communication with each other.

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Questions are Important

As a patient, you need to be comfortable asking your doctor anything. Answered questions create peace of mind. Unanswered questions heighten uncertainty and tension. You will know you have found a good fit when the communication is spontaneous and relaxed and your doctor encourages and asks you if you have questions or concerns. After asking, he or she should take their time in explaining the answers and check for understanding. If you have a doctor that discourages questions or seems annoyed by them and gives half answers, consider finding another health care provider. Obviously, health care is extremely important and you should entrust it only to a practitioner that creates comfort and welcomes questions.

Open Communication is Key

Consider a scenario where you are scheduled to have surgery but want some detailed answers about the mechanics of the surgery. Perhaps you’re interested in the type of instruments that will be used and want to know more about medical products packaging. Can you imagine the tension and stress you’d experience if your doctor told you not to worry about the details of the surgery and that everything would be fine? Would you feel reassured? Probably not. Your stress level would probably grow due to the huge amount of uncertainty based on a lack of information.

Of course, finding a doctor that is competent and experienced is important, however, finding one with great communication skills should also be a high priority. Finding a health care provider that has an open and honest communication style is priceless. The peace of mind you will experience will greatly improve the doctor-patient relationship.