Finding the best alcohol detox center in Orange County can be a lot more difficult than it would seem. There are many detox centers in and around Orange County. You should never make the mistake of thinking they are all alike. The quality of the staff and the treatment that each of these facilities provide is quite different. Therefore, it is in your best interests to do some investigative work in order to ensure that you are putting yourself in the hands of the best people. Rehab is very serious business. Your health and future are at stake. Here are some of the most essential things to look for when choosing a rehab center.

1. Does the staff have adequate training?

You should only enter a rehab center that employs an outstanding staff that includes people who have been doing this type of work for many years. There are many aspects to running a rehab center. You should take the time to look into all of them to ensure that you will be getting the best treatment possible. This is especially important if your insurance will not cover your treatment and you are paying for it yourself. There will most likely be a great deal of information about the rehab center’s staff on their website. You may be able to find all of the info you need by reading the staff bios online. Some info about their credentials might be missing. In this case, you will need to make further inquiries just to make sure that the people who will be treating you have the necessary qualifications.

2. Who is their staff doctor?

Every rehab center will have at least one medical doctor on their staff. It is critical that you find out who a rehab center’s staff doctor is before you decide to check yourself in. You could be facing a wide range of medical problems when you are in rehab. Going through detox is very stressful on your body. This is why it is so important to have skilled medical personnel close to you at all times during your treatment. The doctor will constantly monitor your vital signs throughout the treatment process. You will be at the greatest risk of something going wrong when you are detoxing. This will take place shortly after you check in. Your doctor will give you immediate medical care if he or she deems that it is warranted. The rehab center that you choose should always put your health and safety above everything else.

3. How much will your treatment cost?

Obviously, the price of your treatment will come into play if you will be paying for it out of your own pocket. It is always a good idea to get price quotes from as many rehab centers as possible. Keep in mind that location and amenities play a very large role in how much a rehab center charges. For example, a rehab center close to the ocean in Florida will cost more than a similar facility in Cleveland. There are some rehab centers that are set up similar to vacation resorts. They offer their patients luxury accommodations. You will need to ask yourself if you can afford these types of amenities. Do you need all of the extra frills to make your treatment a success? Studies have shown that the success rate for luxury rehab facilities compared to regular centers is roughly the same. It is important to know this when you are trying to find help for an addicted loved one.

4. Cleanliness of the facility

You should not only focus on the treatment you will receive at the rehab center. This is obviously the most important factor when you are determining which rehab center to use. However, there are other issues that you must consider before you make your final decision. You must keep in mind that you will be living at the facility. Therefore, the cleanliness of the entire building should be a major concern for you. Obviously, a facility that is very dirty and unsanitary is not the best environment in which to kick your drug or alcohol habit. Take a close look at all areas during your tour to make sure that they meet your particular standards.

5. Will you have friends and family nearby?

It is always better to attend rehab in an area where you will have friends and family members who will be able to drop by on days that visitors are allowed. This will help to lift your spirits.