While gender is commonly represented as a binary truth, it has traditionally been recognized as a more fluid concept. In the mythos of various religions, androgynous figures are often thought of as divine entities. In fact, some deities take on the roll of both man and woman coexisting in one form, such as Ardhanarisvara, of Hindu mythology. In a similar vein, the concept of two-spirits is an ancient custom in various Native American communities.

Two-spirits are people who embody the essence of a woman in a man’s body or vice versa, and it also incorporates people who are both genders at once. Such people were thought of as sacred, having stronger spiritual power. Two-spirits have recently been revived in a movement that seeks to generate acceptance and understanding of the LGBT community, and people all over the world are incorporating the idea of gender as existing beyond a binary system.

Following traditional gender roles can hold one back from completely exploring themselves, and a lot of people are actually oppressed, incurring violence and discrimination for stepping outside of the lines of what’s accepted. These types of hate crimes will only persist if people continue to be closed minded and ignorant of those who don’t act and think like they do.

In the US and many other developed nations, one has the freedom to express themselves as they wish without persecution. Men can don makeup and women can seize positions of power without the fear of persecution present in more misogynistic societies. When you have a wealth of opportunity at your disposal, you may as well embrace it as much as possible.

If you’re a man who’s ever thought of cross-dressing, you’ve likely felt a good deal of anxiety at the prospect. You may be afraid of what others would think of your hobby, but you shouldn’t let the discerning opinions of others affect your life. In fact, you’ll likely find a wide world of acceptance.

Transgender people have it even worse, because rather than masquerading as the opposite sex, they actually feel trapped within themselves. It’s not about taking a costume on and off for them, and is instead about portraying and being accepted as the gender identity they relate to most.

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