When an individual is dealing with an addiction, their friends and family members go through a wide range of emotional ups and downs. In some moments, the family members feel angry at the individual who is addicted to alcohol. In other moments, they feel bad for the person, especially when they think about the reason why the individual may have the addiction. The more that family members of alcoholics can learn about alcoholism and addiction, the better position they will be in to help their family member with the addiction. Also, it will help them to come to terms with the feelings they are experiencing as their loved one is going through the addiction.

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There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to addiction to alcohol and drugs. There are many neuroscience and psychiatry resources that are available that have dug deep into all of the science behind why a person becomes addicted to things like alcohol and drugs. Some research supports the idea that some individuals are predisposed to becoming an addict. While there is still much research that needs to be done, one thing is certain, with the right help and and determination, an individual can overcome their addiction to alcohol.

When it comes to understanding the emotions that an alcoholic is going through, family members often blame themselves. This is especially the case when a mother or father looks at a son or daughter who is an addict and thinks back to the pregnancy or the childhood of the individual. Perhaps they did not make good choices and now blame themselves. Or a parent may blame their own genes on the reason why their child is suffering with an addiction. In other cases, a person may think back on abuse that a person suffered when they were younger and wish they could undo the past, essentially erasing much of what caused the person to become addicted.

It is important for individuals who have an alcoholic in their family to take time to research these issues. It is also a good idea for them to get support and even speak with a psychiatrist or another individual who will be able to help them sort through all of the emotions they are experiencing. There is a lot behind alcoholism and drug addiction. Many factors come into play when a person is experiencing an addiction, including depression and even suicidal thoughts. The more family members can learn, the more helpful they will be to their suffering family member.