These days, only one thing would horrify us the most – being told we have COVID-19. We know the virus presents as flu. We know that trouble breathing, a cough, and body aches are some of the most prominent signs of the virus. What else could be a sign? Would you believe you might need a lower back pain chiropractor Austin for one of the signs?

Wait. What Does COVID-19 Have To Do With Chiropractors?

To understand the answer to that question, you must know what COVID is. It’s an immune system problem in which viral infections cause body aches and mobility trouble. The painful joints in the lower back and legs is the product of the immune system fighting off an invader.

The immune system produces interleukins or proteins that fight off the pathogens of the invading force. You’ll notice cramping muscles or spasms in the muscles of the lower back. If these are combined with trouble breathing, fever, coughs, sore throats, and headaches, then a chiropractor might assess your chances of having the virus.

Does Research Support This?

Yes. A recent Harvard study performed on 1,000 persons at a clinic in Boston showed that back pain presented in the initial symptoms of the virus. Additionally, a UK study performed on 201 young persons enduring the virus found that back pain hung on after four months of suffering through the virus.

How Can A Lower Back Pain Chiropractor Help?

Some back pain stems from simple aging to being overweight to exercising too zealously and a dozen more reasons. An Austin chiropractor will get your medical history, ask questions about your lifestyle, and then formulate a plan for your treatment. After a few visits, your back pain would improve somewhat, even if the problem is arthritis or a disc problem like a slipped disc.

It isn’t that way with COVID, though. If, as the research tells us, the lower back pain hangs on, then you and your chiropractor must be prepared for the long run. The research tells us that back pain hangs around for about four months. Be prepared to see your lower back pain chiropractor until they can give you the all-clear.

What Else Should I Know?

Just because you have a painful lower back doesn’t mean you have COVID. Since most of us work from home now, sitting too long at a desk could be the problem. Sitting in front of the TV, slumping or bad posture, osteoporosis, or a sporting injury could be the cause of the lower back pain. Don’t panic, but do get to a chiropractor if you have the slightest back pain.