Coffee is one of the top-consumed beverages worldwide, and according to Statista, there’s almost 5.2 billion dollars’ worth of coffee sold just in the United States! But what we all want to know is can coffee help you lose weight? As a trainer and Pilates instructor with over a decade of experience helping clients shed extra pounds, I know coffee can have a positive or negative impact on your BMI, but by following these simple four rules, you can maximize your coffee experience for weight loss.

Prepare Your Coffee at Home

It can be tempting to run into your local coffee shop for a latte or macchiato on your way to work, but this may not be the best idea if you’re looking to lose weight. Coffee drinks outside of the house have a lot of hidden calories, and you’re also exposed to the other delicious and tempting pastries put in front of you. What starts off as a plan to get some plain coffee can easily turn into a large vanilla latte and doughnut, coming in around 800 calories. Aim to make your coffee at home most days and instead look at coffee shops as a special occasion or vacation treat.

Flavored creamers, sugar packets, and caramel drizzle have become all too common in many people’s daily coffee, but the amount of calories consumed is astounding. Like many people, I used to love my french-vanilla-flavored creamer in my morning coffee, but when I took the time to measure the calories, I was shocked it was upwards of 150 calories! I immediately switched to low-fat milk, and over a couple of weeks, my taste buds adjusted, so it’s how I prefer my coffee now. When you drink your calories, you don’t get the same satisfaction as biting, chewing, and swallowing, so you don’t feel as full. Aim to make your coffee with a low-fat or nonfat milk option and save your calories for a healthy solid-food breakfast.

Drink Only in the Morning

Caffeine affects your sleep patterns, and your sleep patterns play a huge roll in weight loss. If you continue to consume coffee throughout the morning and into midday, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to fall asleep as easily at night. A study by the University of Chicago showed lack of sleep has many negative effects on the body, including overeating and a higher risk of diabetes and obesity. Cutting off your coffee at a set time each morning will have a positive influence on your sleep and your waistline!