Surgery is a word that makes many people tense up. Whether undergoing a short outpatient procedure or an in-depth hospital operation, the thought of someone working with the body is hard to handle. For those that feel overwhelmed with anxiety at the thought, here are three ways to help yourself gain ease.

1. Research Your Medical Practice

Before you settle on your doctor’s office, understand the team’s medical philosophy and success rate.  For instance, if you require Upper Extremity Surgery Houston, take the time to ask around, seeking input from others who have used the practice. Ask about any issues, and settle on a place with a positive reputation for making people feel calm.

2. Be Aware of the Procedure

Many people fear the unknown, allowing the mind to wander to frightening places. These questions and a sense of feeling lost may intensify your fright. Instead, speak openly and often with your doctor. Do not hesitate to inquire about the surgery or preparation ahead of time.

In addition, read medical journals and avoid mainstream media or internet sites. Trust reliable sources to walk you through what may happen in the operating room.

3. Seek Comfort

Reflect on how you relax. If it’s having people around, request a good friend or family member stay by your side throughout the ordeal. Rely on someone with a soothing presence and the ability to distract you often. Download lulling music to your phone, play a mental game or app or bring a book to read. Select things that keep you from focusing on what is about to happen.

Prepare yourself mentally for surgery. Trust your medical team, and learn about what they are going to do. Then, plan ways to distract yourself mentally while waiting for the operation. Being aware and composed could help you relax.