Flexpen - Next Gen Flexpen
Flexpen - Next Gen Flexpen

About Flexpen:

Novo Nordisk has its new Flexpen called as next generation Flexpen for the diabetes patients. This is an upgrade version of all Novo Nordisk insulin pens, a remarkable milestone Novo Nordisk achieved in the shap of Flexpen.

The flexpen is a device for injecting insulin in your skin to control your glucose level in blood. Flexpen is a reusable device with disposable needles and can accommodate almost any type of disposable insulin pen needles.

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The Flexpen have its best feature of low dose force which make your pricking pain 30% less than any other insulin pen dose. This makes much convenient for you if you are regular user of insulin pen.

Flexpen also introduce color coded insulin cartridges for easy identification of correct insulin. Flexpen are now available in three series which are,

types of Flexpen
types of Flexpen
  • Levemir
  • NovoRapid
  • NovoMix

What stops you to start insulin and how Flexpen helps you?

1. Your Fears related to the process of injection.

Flexpen uses extremely fine gauge needle and low dose force applied on injecting insulin, this simply makes you as like a feather prick.

2.  Your Fear of injecting in public.

Flexpen over come this issue by giving you complete lifestyle flexibility, easier and faster to use and size and shaped just like a normal pen. These features let you more convenient to be used in public.

3. The complexity of insulin routines, including multiple injections.

Due to special design of Flexpen it just simplifies your routines of injecting insulin. You may also feeling confused having multiple injections of insulin but you should not be worried because you are not the only one having insulin injections in this world. Flexpen simplicity and convenience let you fell comfortable.