Frankincense and CBD might sound like an odd combination, but there’s a lot of buzz these days about the benefits of combining the two. Both have similar properties that complement one another, which can end up having a broad spectrum effect on a person’s overall health. We’ll look at the two separately before diving into how they work together.

The Beneficial Properties of Frankincense

Far from being a biblical oil, frankincense is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory that can wake up the immune system and act as a disinfectant against a host of germs. It’s been used to strengthen the elasticity of skin to improve bacteria and as a defense mechanism against blemishes. From arthritis to asthma, the range of applications is impressive.

The Beneficial Properties of CBD Oil

CBD oil shares many of the same attributes as frankincense, including anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. However, it’s also been used for its anticonvulsant and antipsychotic benefits as well. While peer-reviewed research is sorely lacking, there’s some evidence to suggest that CBD can be used to fight anything from seizures to severe mental health disorders.

How Frankincense and CBD Work Together

Synergy might be a word we think of as more from the corporate than the natural world, but nature has always been the first to combine different qualities for better results. Frankincense and CBD salves work to address everything from aging to mutations to infection. They’re similar in that they help keep the body balanced, despite the many stressors that might get in the way.

So when you take both of these products together, the idea is that the two work in harmony to give your body its best chance of operating at peak performance. In a perfect world, we would be able to rely on our daily lifestyles to keep the body functioning the way it should. But between pollution, processed foods, screen time, mortgage payments, etc., there needs to be a little give-and-take when it comes to your health.

Sharing the Load

Frankincense and CBD may essentially be able to bounce things off of one another, networking together to create a better experience for the user. This doesn’t negate the effects of taking them separately, only encourages people to explore how different natural solutions can be augmented when used in conjunction. Both of these items have been taken for many centuries, long before the FDA ever got involved. Safe, non intoxicating, and effective, trying frankincense and CBD oil together can go a long way toward giving your body the respect it d