When you wake up at night and feel like you want to use the potty, it can be quite challenging to get from your room to the bathroom, if you have mobility limitations. In addition, getting in and out of bed might be another challenging undertaking. For the elderly and the disabled, walking to a certain destination and getting back to bed after going to the bathroom can be a real chore. It can also be life-threatening and accident-prone for many seniors. The bathroom itself is known for a place where the elderly slip and fall.

The Options

It is very fortunate that elders have options these days unlike two decades ago. There are things available to make it much easier so the elderly don’t have to go through any of these life-changing and risky experiences. Due to recent technological advancements, many companies have brought independent living products to the forefront; allowing the elderly and disabled to move around comfortably and safely despite their limitations. With these products, the elderly and the disabled won’t need much assistance.

The Benefit of The Products

A commode chair or bedside commode is one such product that was made strictly for independent living; providing seniors with the assistance to use the bathroom and not have to physically go to the traditional bathroom space. For the senior person, https://healthcaresolutions.ca/collections/commode is a company providing this type of convenience, comfort, and flexibility. A commode chair is particularly helpful if the elderly or disabled is unstable or weak. The handles act as a steady structure that they can hold on to without worry of falling. It also helps them with their balance and creates a feeling of self-reliance and security.

Additional Features

There are some commodes that have portable toilet functionality; which means that the pail can be detached and emptied. In so doing, the user does not have to make trips to the traditional bathroom during the night. Some bedside commodes can be adjusted and converted into a chair above the toilet bowl; raising the toilet seat so the user does not have to sit low and find it harder to get back up. These items are usually versatile where the backrest can be removed. Some of them have additional features such as a lid, bucket, and splash guards. Most commodes can be adjusted to the height of the user.


Are you thinking of buying a commode chair or bedside commode for your elderly parent or disabled family member? Be sure to choose one that is sturdy and durable with adjustable features. Do your research to get the one that is best for you.