risk factors of heart disease
risk factors of heart disease

There are several Risk factors of heart disease identified by the researchers. This research has also shown that there is notable increase found in the risk of heart disease including heart’s major and most common disease of cardiovascular.

There are several risk factors identified by the American Heart Association in which few of them can be controlled and few of them are uncontrollable. The chance of having heart disease is increased as you have more risk factors and also the higher the level of risk you have the more the chance you will have heart disease.

These risk factors as already mentioned that some are controllable some are not, which are grouped here

  • Controllable Risk Factors
  • Uncontrollable Risk factors


What are the Controllable Risk Factors of Heart Disease?

There are few factors of heart disease which you can control to prevent heart disease and for healthy heart and life.

High Blood pressure: High blood pressure can be occurred due to increase level of cholesterol. There are also other factors of high blood pressure but if you have one other factor then having high level of cholesterol in your blood will put you on very high risk for heart disease. Your blood cholesterol level is also affected by your diet, gender and age.

Inactive Life style: Your inactive life style is also a major risk factor for your heart disease. Physical activities will help you to maintain your blood cholesterol, obesity and diabetes and also help you to prevent you from heart disease.

Smoking habit: Smoking is the highest level of risk factor for the heart disease. If you are a smoker than you are on about twice the risk level of nonsmoker. Smoking increases the risk of  coronary heart disease and also the cause of sudden heart death. If you are not a smoker but you frequently come in exposure to smoke of tobacco than you are also at risk.

Diabetes: Diabetes also increases the level of risk for heart disease especially cardiovascular disease. It can also increase the risk even you have control over your sugar level. According to the statistics about 33% of diabetes patients died due to heart and vessel disease.

Obesity: Obesity is also an important risk factor for the heart disease. Your overweight body forces the heart to work more hardly then normal weight body. Obesity may also give you gift of diabetes and cholesterol level which are also the major risk factors for heart disease.

What are the uncontrollable Risk Factors of Heart Disease?

There are also some risk factors of heart disease which are not controllable by you or any person on this earth. These factors are:

Male Gender: Male gender has a very high risk of heart disease especially coronary heart disease than female gender. This risk is at high sight on the age 65 and above. Female deaths on higher ages are less then male deaths.

Increasing age: More then 80 percent of the people die form the Heart disease and as said above age over 65 have very high chance to have heart disease.

Genetics and Ethnicity: Genetically transfer of heart disease is also an uncontrollable risk factor so far. If your parents have heart disease than you are at very high sight that heart disease develops in you at any age. Another uncontrollable factor is ethnicity. Black person have more fatal high blood pressure than white. Mexican, natives, Hawaiians and some Asians also on risk of heart disease.

Other factors of Heart disease

Alcohol: Alcohol is an important cause of having high blood pressure and this regular high blood pressure ultimately make your heart failure. It also trigger cancer, obesity and irregular heart beats.

Stress: Stress may contributes in increasing the heart disease, stress main heart disease is coronary heart disease, due to stress you start smoking, your vessel become narrow that increases your blood pressure.


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