Heart Disease
Heart Disease

Heart disease is a disease in which your Heart function(s) or whole of your heart is affected. The heart disease are more than 50 types, in this the common disease is the Coronary Artery Disease. This coronary Artery Disease is generally called as Heart Disease.

the heart disease are viewed as cardiovascular diseases, in this  “cardio” means Heart and “vascular” is referred for Vessel system in your body which not only affect the heart but whole or any part of the body including arms, legs, lungs and even brain.

Heart itself is a muscle which takes energy from your blood containing oxygen and other essential nutrients. If your heart is having continues supply of blood your heart keeps working properly and efficiently, but when if there will be any blocking or turbulence in this supply then you are having Heart Disease.

As I mentioned above that there are many types of heart disease, but people use to be taking heart disease as one type, though it have the most common heart disease which I have mentioned above is Coronary Artery Disease. In the Coronary Artery Disease your artery(ies) become narrow due to deposits of fatty materials, scar tissues and calcium in your artery. This makes turbulence in the supply of blood to your heart which leads to Heart attack.

There are no age restrictions for Heart disease, some people born with heart disease and some develops in during their life, but on statistical analysis it is observed that the most of the Heart disease patients are from older ages.

The Heart disease are categorized by the different systems of you are heart, these Heart Systems are,

  • Arteries and veins
  • Electrical system
  • Heart chambers
  • Heart muscle itself
  • Heart valves
  • Heart lining


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