The future of Artificial Intelligence is upon us and has made its way into several industries – including the medical field. AI is now being used to help train medical professionals. Here is a look at some ways AI can help train doctors.

Analyze a Doctor’s Speech And Tone

Some of the best doctors may need to work on what’s called their “bedside manner“. In other words, they need help with how they talk to a patient. AI simulations allow doctors to practice speaking to a computer-generated person. The doctor’s tone of voice and speech can be analyzed for further feedback.

Practice Diagnosis

The AI-generated patients can simulate human voices and respond to a doctor’s questions. A doctor can practice and be scored on how well and how fast he can diagnose a patient.

Virtual Headset

The doctor can use a virtual reality headset for better immersion. This gear can also track the doctor’s eye movements. If the doctor has a habit of not making proper eye contact with a patient, this is something that can be noted and worked on as well.

Anti-Bias Training

The skin color and gender of an AI simulated patient can be altered. If a doctor has implicit bias, this is something that can be monitored with this training. Learn more today about how hologram solutions are the next step in AI Healthcare.