Extended hospital stays help you recover from severe medical conditions, and while it may have significantly benefited your health, returning home is often a welcome thought. However, before you walk out those double doors, it’s essential to think of a few things. You want to be prepared for life without full-time care, and you should minimize any obstacles that could send you back. Therefore, consider the following three things if you’re readying for a return home.

1. Ask for Medical Instructions in Writing

When you get home, you and your friends and family are in charge of handling any medical care. That includes what you should eat, what you can and cannot do and how to medicate throughout the day and night properly. These things may feel overwhelming¬†at first. It’s helpful to have it all written out for reference, so ask the nurses and doctor to note any details you should know.

2. Arrange for Proper Transport

While your health is on the mend, you may still feel fragile. It’s essential to have a ride home that permits you to relax and stay safe from breaking a bone or falling. If your loved ones don’t have a large enough vehicle, then look into services that assist with hospital discharges Essex county New Jersey.

3. Ask for Support at Home

When you depart, you want to know that someone can help you for the first few days. Is it a friend? Do you have a son or daughter, or can you stay over? Allow these special people to be there if you get tired and require some assistance.

Your body is healing. It needs time, and so do you. Enjoy being back in the comfort of your home and prepare yourself to recover more without a lot of obstacles. Get home safely, understand your limitations and rely on the support of those who care for you.