Information on Robotic Heart Surgery
Information on Robotic Heart Surgery

Technology is increasing and starching its scope day by day in every field of human life, making ease in human life. Introduction of robotic systems in the field of surgery is a remarkable milestone in Health sector, especially in the Heart surgery. This surgery gives successful result in 19 patients without any postoperative complication and angina in United States.

The core objective of introducing robotics in the heart surgery is to switch over from open heart surgery to invasive heart surgery to compress the effect the trauma in heart surgery.

Mostly cardiac surgery is performed with the help of endoscope (a tiny tube with optical system). The surgical instruments are passed through the tube of endoscope tube or by additional incision and surgical area is monitored through endoscope.

In robotic heart surgery, the surgeon manipulated the surgical instruments with the help of computer based robot. This is done by passing endoscope through a small incision and two surgical instruments though another incision on the chest wall the surgeon monitor endomorphic view away form the patient on a computer console containing controls like game joysticks and manipulates those two surgical instruments. The computer system senses the movements of surgeon’s hand and interprets these movements to move the robotic hands of this system.

This system needs special training exercise for the surgeon to be use-to, the surgeons who have trained in this system commented that they feel comfortable using surgical instruments via computer instead of using them directly.

This robotic heart surgery is currently limited to three types of heart surgical procedures, this is because that this robotic system can handle the surgical procurers from only one dimension or from front. These three are;1) Mitral valve repair, 2) Atrial septal defects and, 3) Repairing patent ductus arterious. As the technology improves we can expect that this technology will be available in all type of heart surgery.

Currently there are only two companies in the United States marketing the robotic heart surgery systems. These two robotic systems are developed and manufactured in U.S but still not approved to be used until clinical trials by which this robotic system can prove their safety and efficacy. In spite of this, it has been approved for use in Europe.

Everything invented always have advantages and disadvantages, so do it have. This system is extraordinary quick, the recovery of cardiac surgery is improved and is less expensive than direct heart surgery.

The main disadvantage of this new system is that it is still in developing phase and its safety and efficacy is not been proven yet which can allow FDA for approve it for use. Another disadvantage is that the extremely cost of this robotic system that is around $750,000 and $1,000,000 which is not feasible for most of the hospital nationwide.

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Information on Robotic Heart Surgery