insulin pen
insulin pen

Insulin pen for diabetes Patient:

There are two ways that a new diabetes patient can maintain his/her insulin level in blood. These are Disposable Insulin Syringes and other one it Insulin pen. An insulin pen is a delivery instrument which is used to inject insulin in the body for the diabetes patient.

Insulin pen is the most comfortable way of taking care of your diabetes disease, as for Disposable Insulin syringe is concern it have best advantage which is “its cheap”. Well currently I am not going for Disposable Insulin syringe, I’ll cover this in future. So the general question here in this topic is

What is an insulin pen?

It is a delivery instrument or device for insulin injection in your body. It looks like a pen and contains disposable needle, an insulin cartridge and the mechanical case. Some insulin pens are disposable and some have disposable cartridges which can be replaced when they become empty. All type of pens have disposable needle to be replaced after every use of pen.

How we use Insulin pen?

Insulin pen is very simple to use same as lokeDisposable insulin syringes. Ok now for using it the basic thing which you have to do is “take out the pen and grab it in you hand”, now place a new needle and screw it. After plugging in the needle you must prime the pen so that any air in it will be removed else you may not able to receive accurate quantity of insulin than dial the knob for desired units of insulin you require. Infuse the needle in your skin and press the button which is usually on the end of the pen as like writing ball-point pens. Now count till 5 sec and remove the pen.

What types of pen available in the market?

There are around five companies (in my knowledge) present in the market with their pens which are,

BD Pens:

  • BD Pen: Reusable
  • BD Pen Mini: Reusable


  • Humalog Pen: Disposable
  • Humalog Mix 75/25 Pen: Disposable
  • Humulin 70/30 Pen: Disposable
  • Humulin N Pen: Disposable

On Feb 2007 ELI LILLY launches its pen named “HumaPen MEMOIR” reusable insulin pen. This pen has memory which can store your data of last 16 doses with time and amount so that you can see your time and amount of doses you have taken for last 16 times.


  • Autopen AN 3000: Reusable
  • Autopen AN 3100: Reusable
  • Autopen AN 3800: Reusable
  • Autopen AN 3810: Reusable


  • NovoPen 1.5: Reusable
  • NovoPen 3: Reusable
  • Novolin Prefilled Pen: Disposable


  • OptiPen
  • OptiPen Pro2
  • OptiSet

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Insulin pen for diabetes Patient

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