Surgical Robot
Surgical Robot in action

Technology adds to nearly all sectors in human race from common household to giant manufacturing concerns. In the health sector technology passes a milestone with the demonstration of a surgical robot which can exerts minute surgical instruments with precision which will save patient recovery time and trauma.


At Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Chris Nguan, a kidney surgeon demonstrates a Vinci surgical robot which is acquired for computer-guided surgical procedures. This robot gives a 3D view inside a patient’s body on a console allowing the doctor with digitally control small surgical instruments and needles.

“We’re moving away from big incisions in surgery and the robot is the next step in the delivery of minimally invasive surgery. The traditional approach to kidney surgery meant a 20-to 30-centimetre incision for the patient, seven to 10 days in hospital, pain and trauma to the kidney. With the surgical robots, we can make three to four small puncture wounds, operate with precision and the patient is good to go home in two days.” said Nguan.

He also noted that the introduction of surgical robot will revolute the field of surgery. This research will focus on Computer-guided Surgical Therapy so that we can integrate pre-operative imaging which includes MRI and ultrasound with the surgery allowing us a 3D view of inside and outside organs during surgery. He called this robot a “Tiny town” due to its researchers and students practicing on colorful plastic cones and objects before going on patient.

With the introduction of this surgical robot in Vancouver General Hospital which makes VGH and the University of B.C medicine faculty one of the three centers in globe having research in clinical robots with the cooperation of  Intuitive Surgical Inc, California.

This is not the end but just a beginning of new era by introducing of robots in surgery. We are waiting for a day when robots with Artificial intelligence helping doctors in having surgery.