Lap Band Surgery: What is Lap Band Surgery? Lap Band Surgery advantages, disadvantages

Lap band surgery
Lap band surgery

Lap Band Surgery or What is Lap Band Surgery? This is an important question around obese people. Lap Band Surgery is a surgery in which Lap Band or prosthesis is attached on the upper part of your stomach which makes a small stomach pocket above the remaining stomach. This creates a cache of food which you eat, in result this Lap band limits the supply of food to the stomach.

Obesity affects your whole lifestyle, your appearance, your feelings, your activeness and many more problems which you face in your daily life. The most important in all which usually ignored is that, it effects your time to live. Obesity is one of the major causes of Diabetes, Heart Attacks and even Cancer. Losing weight may reduce the chance of these dieses and even resolve these issues.

There are many reasons that you become obese but exact causes are still unknown. The reasons of your obesity may include your metabolic disorders, genetics and inactive lifestyle. Now all you may be concern is that “I am an obese person, now what shall I do”

To loss weight you maybe tried before and may be many times, some times you may able to loss weight but you again gained the weight back. In studies it is analyzed that people with diet plan and exercise successfully reduced their weight at around 33% of their total weight with in one year and can be on normal if this plan continues till five years. But if you were off the plan then you are again starts gaining weight.

Another way of losing weight is called in common “Weight Loss Surgery”.

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What is Lap Band Surgery?

lap band stomach
lap band stomach

Lap band surgery become much popular in past years after the weight loss surgery. As I write in beginning that Lap Band surgery uses a Lap band to minimize the opening of your stomach so that you food intake will be controlled by supplying limited amount of food to your stomach to digest.

Lap Band reduces the size of the stomach pocket created with a band or prosthesis called Lap band. This band will let you eat at a certain point after that point you will feel that you are full and cannot eat more. Because your stomach pocket is much smaller than your full stomach so you will not able to eat as like your eating habit before lap band surgery. And after lap band surgery, your eating habit will be surprisingly reduced. Additionally, lap band surgery also reduced the size of stomach outlet which slows down the intestine feed by stomach, helping you losing weight more efficiently.

Who can have lap band surgery?

The following are the conditions if you have, than you may eligible for lap band surgery.

  • You are 18 years and over.
  • You have BMI of at least 30 with certain condition.
  • Your weight is twice than your ideal weight for last five years
  • You never have any disease in past which brought you on obesity
  • You have made many attempts for losing weight but not having any success.

What are the advantages of Lap band surgery?

Advantages of Lap band surgery are,

  • Lap band surgery has its best feature which is that you can undo all changes with your stomach and back to your original position. You can either remove laparoscopic at any time.
  • Unlike Weight Loss Surgery, Lap Band Surgery has least invasive surgical option with no intestinal re-routing.
  • Lap band surgery creates no cutting of stomach and no stapling.
  • Lap band surgery allows freedom on the degree for ideal weight loss rate adjustments without further surgery.
  • Lap band surgery also supports pregnancy by altering the size of outlet for increasing your body’s nutritional requirements.
  • Your total stay at the hospital for this surgery is less than 48 hours.

What are the disadvantages of Lap band surgery?

Disadvantages of Lap band surgery are,

  • After Lap band surgery you can have vomiting and nausea which may loss the band.
  • After surgery you may have wound infection or bleeding inside.
  • The band may deflate or slip from its location and tissues can outline the band which leads to the chocking of stomach outlet.

In conclusion Lap band is less risky with greater advantages and successful than any other option of losing weight.