Increasingly, the global aquaculture community is focused on the critical goal of sustainability. Central to this goal is the judicious use of resources such as energy, water, land, feed, and fertilizer.

Conservation of intact habitats, efficient use of natural resources, traceability, and transparency are vital elements in achieving this goal. This publication presents a collection of essays representative of research advances contributing toward this goal.

Getting Started

Enzyme therapy treatment is a natural and safe procedure that involves a series of enzyme treatments. These treatments correct imbalances in your skin and create real changes, working in conjunction with your body’s chemistry to restore healthy function and look.

The key to achieving maximum results is to get your body a good start with enzymes by consuming healthy foods and supplements in addition to your enzyme treatments. This will help your body jumpstart digestion, which in turn helps maintain metabolic harmony.

In addition to helping to maintain balanced, healthy skin, enzymes can also improve the condition of your pool’s water. They’re effective at fighting algae, bacteria, and other toxins in your pool.

The treatment is a 45-minute process that includes applying transfer-messenger enzymes to your face, neck, and decolletage from armpit to armpit, as well as a special mask that stays on your skin for the duration of the treatment. The enzymes help to circulate blood and oxygen through your skin, helping to flush out toxins and encourage lymphatic drainage for optimal skin function.

Preparing Your Equipment

Getting high-quality enzymes is a sure way to boost your pond’s health and aesthetics. The best part is that it’s an affordable and convenient treatment! As a bonus, your pond will look its best for years. And you’ll be proud to say you’re a do-it-yourselfer! Ensure that the label is tamper-proof and that you use a proper funnel. Alternatively, spray the reagent directly onto your equipment and let it do its magic! It’s a good idea to wear a mask while you are receiving your enzyme treatment, as the enzymes can cause a little irritation in some skin types.

Taking Care of Your Equipment

There are several ways to optimize your enzyme therapy experience; we’re not just discussing the treatment. Taking the time to clean your treatment area properly, rinse off your mask, and thoroughly dry off will ensure you come home with a healthy-looking face and fewer follicles. Aside from the obvious, you should also consider the type of treatment you receive and what kind of skin care you use. This will help your therapist to target the treatments you need properly, and not just the ones you don’t. It’s also a good idea to schedule a consultation with one of our trained staff members so that they can advise you on the best treatment for your specific needs.

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