As of May 2014, interstate commercial drivers are required to obtain a medical certificate indicating their fitness to operate a commercial vehicle across state lines. Though a physical exam was always a requirement for a CMV license, the exam could be performed by most physicians. For the majority of drivers, the exam would normally be conducted by the driver’s physician or the company doctor.

New DOT regulations changed the rules for who is permitted to administer the exam. Now, medical providers must be registered with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. In order to be listed on the National Registry, all providers must be certified as to familiarity with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

A test for medical providers is required before certification is granted. Like any other test, a certain amount of preparation and study is required, no matter how well educated the doctor is. The problem for most medical providers is time. Keeping up with a busy medical practice, often with varied hours, doesn’t permit much time for classroom training. Study has to be done during off hours and at the convenience to the provider.
Luckily for those who wish to become DOT certified medical examiners, online courses are now available. Courses provide training in how to perform a CMV exam and medical issues affecting the exam. Courses can be conducted in the provider’s office or home and are accessible by computer, tablet or even a smart phone.

The better courses provide the recipient information in a number of different formats, including written materials, video, graphics and audio. The ability to contact instructors through web conference or email is always benefits when offered.
Anyone taking a standard test knows that practice questions are essential to success.

The test taker must not only prepare for the substantive medical material, but also the style and wording of the test questions. This is why a quality online dot nrcme medical examiner certification training course provide sample questions or better yet, practice quizzes. Practicing with questions and quizzes reduces the risk of the medical examiner misreading a question.

Because there are over 700,000 CVM drivers in need of a medical certificate, becoming a DOT medical examiner can become an important part of a medical provider’s practice. Online assistance in obtaining the DOT medical examiner certificate can save the medical provider time, money and loss of patients