Any kind of surgery can be frightening. You will likely be given a general anesthetic that will put you to sleep. Depending on the kind of surgery that you have, there could be risks involved with the procedure. However, there are a few ways that you can prepare for the surgery so that you are in the best condition mentally and physically.

Talk to your doctor about any other options that you might have. There could be some kind of pain relief to take or a less invasive procedure that could be done. If surgery is the only option, then the doctor needs to be clear about how the procedure will be completed and what to expect after it’s over. Your surgical doctor should be one that is experienced in the type of surgery you will have. Offices like Bay Surgical Specialists have doctors and surgeons who will provide the proper care needed before, during and after your surgery. If the team is experienced and highly qualified, then the likelihood for an infection or other complications could be decreased.

It’s important to take care of yourself before the surgery. Eat healthy foods, take any antibiotics that are required, and get plenty of sleep before the surgery date. This will help with the recovery process as your body will be refreshed before the procedure. If you smoke, it’s best that you stop smoking at least a few days before the surgery. If you can’t stop smoking, then try to decrease the amount you smoke so that you don’t have as much nicotine in your body. When it comes to the time of the surgery, try to get a time slot that is early in the morning through the week. There have been studies that have revealed that complications decrease if procedures are done at this time. Doctors and other staff in the operating room are more alert in the morning than they are in the afternoon after performing other surgeries in most cases. If your surgery is delayed, then it could cause the condition that you have to become worse, so it’s important that you keep the scheduled date.