There are numerous types of radiology scans that can be conducted to determine if there are any health issues that need to be treated. For most scans, there isn’t any kind of preparation needed. When you go to a hospital or center for radiology in Toms River NJ, you will discuss the type of scan as well as when you should expect the results from the scan. While speaking with the technician, you need to let the person know if there are any health issues that you have that might interfere with the scan. Females should alert the technician if they might be pregnant.

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If you’re having a scan done of your abdomen, then try to drink as much water as possible beforehand so that it’s easier to see the various organs in this area of the body. At times, you might need an IV contrast for some scans, such as a CT. This is used to determine the health of the veins and arteries in the body and to determine if your blood is flowing as it should. Preparation for an MRI is similar to that of a CT. You should remove anything metallic unless it’s a permanent part of your body. At times, your doctor might request that you don’t eat or drink anything before the scan. This is often ordered before a PET scan because you are usually given contrast before or during the scan. A PET scan usually takes about an hour to two hours from start to finish depending on the area of the body that the doctor wants to examine and how detailed the images should be for the doctor to detect any issues that might be present. If you’re claustrophobic, then you should let the technician know before any scan is performed so that the best accommodations can be arranged.