Look at any celebrity on any screen these days and they all have one thing in common: a beautiful smile full of straight, white teeth. It’s not just celebrities who are having their smiles straightened, either. Most dentists refer patients to orthodontists as a regular habit. So many of us are unaware, though, that there are more than just cosmetic reasons to seek out Colorado orthodontics.

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The American Academy of Orthodontists says, “Oral health is a window into your overall health.” Many of us recognize the link between the health of our mouths and hearts. Correcting the alignment of our teeth is not only more attractive, it can help us with biting and chewing our foods and also with speaking. Failing to correct these issues may lead to problems because it makes the teeth harder to clean and susceptible to disease.

When to Consult

It’s not just protruding teeth or a noticeable over or under bite that should lead you to get your dentist’s referral. Grinding or clenching your teeth, a shifting jaw, difficulty chewing or biting and even mouth breathing are reasons to seek your orthodontist’s expertise. If you or someone you love experienced early or late baby tooth loss or sucks their thumb, you should also encourage them to have at least a consultation. Some people have problems with their teeth that lead to a facial imbalance where their face looks asymmetrical because of their misaligned mouth. That is definitely a reason to see an orthodontist.

Realignment Strategies

For many of us, braces conjure images of a painful mouth of metal and rubber bands. That’s not always the case anymore. While some braces are still metal applied to the front of your teeth, some metal braces are put on the back of your teeth and the metal used is lighter. You could also end up with a series of hard, clear plastic aligners that no one even realizes you’re wearing. Retainers are also a possible avenue for helping you fix your issues.

Fun for All Ages!

That braces and orthodontia are just for children and teens is a myth. If the teeth in your mouth are your own and not dentures, you can get help for your issues from your orthodontist. The biggest difference between treating children and adults is the time involved. Because adults are done growing, it may take longer for the orthodontic intervention to work. Your orthodontist and dentist will work together on a treatment plan no matter what the patient’s age.

Both your smile and health can be improved through your dentist’s and orthodontist’s care.