New research in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry found that nine risk factors may be the cause of two-thirds of Alzheimer’s cases, TIME reported.

The analysis of more than 300 existing studies identified the potentially fixable factors as: obesity, carotid artery narrowing, low educational attainment, depression, high blood pressure, frailty, smoking habits, high levels of amino acid homocysteine, and type 2 diabetes in the Asian population.  Additionally, they found evidence that some high blood pressure treatments in the form of hormones, vitamins and drugs reduced high blood pressure.

Researchers noted that their findings are purely observational, but believe that the information could aid medical professionals in guiding their patients to specific lifestyle changes to target reducing worldwide Alzheimer’s cases.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, the form of dementia impacts 1 in 14 people over age 65. There is currently no cure. The disease affects memory, thinking and behavior.