A good skincare routine is important all year round, but it is never more essential than in winter. Cooler temperatures mean that skin can dry out so much more and as a result, can result in dry, cracked or sore skin. Because of indoor heating in winter, it can make the drying out even worse. Here are the best steps that you need to take to care for your skin during colder months.

Exfoliate & Moisturise

This is important to get rid of the dead skin. You don’t want to hang onto that! Exfoliating will get rid of the dry skin cells. It is important to do this everyday in the shower. After exfoliating, your skin will have a new ‘layer’ so you it is important to moisturise. Keep the new skin as hydrated and moisturised as possible. Consider using a night cream during winter too. Quite often they are oil based so they go to work, helping to keep moisture locked into your skin.

Avoiding a skin care routine like this can result in spots or it can make acne worse. Not clearing away the dry, dead skin cells can clog and block pores. If you suffer from acne, there are treatments to help such as PRP. Get info about PRP treatment here.

Lip Balm


We often forget about our lips during winter but they are the most prone to becoming dry. Avoid licking your lips where possible. You should completely stop licking your lips if they are already sore and cracked. This can aggravate the sore spots and make the skin even drier. Instead, use a lip balm that hydrates and moisturises. This will need to be regularly applied for the best effects.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water should be part of a healthy daily routine anyway, but it is important during winter too. Moisturisers, as the name suggests, add moisture. You can naturally add moisture by hydrating your body correctly with plenty of water. This is just adding the ‘moisturiser’ from the inside. It will flush toxins away too and help you to have clearer skin.

Use Sunscreen

Yes, it’s true. Skin damage from UV rays can happen in winter too. If you are outside and it is sunny, you should wear sunscreen. This is particularly important during something like a skiing holiday. The sun can be so bright and the white snow will reflect the light.

Avoid Overly Hot Baths & Showers

It may be relaxing but a bath that is super hot can cause damage to your skin in winter. The hot temperatures can damage the surface of the skin, meaning you will lose moisture. The extremes of cold outside to then having a hot shower can cause cracked skin that will get sore. Just go for a lukewarm showers and baths and hydrate correctly afterwards.

Avoid Face Masks

Clay based face masks can be a good treatment for your skin but in winter, they should be avoided. These type of face masks will draw moisture out of the skin, which isn’t what you want in cold months.