Few people look forward to a trip to the operating room no matter how simple the procedure, so the option of minimally invasive surgery that can be done in the doctors office is very appealing to most people. The bph laser is a recently developed tool now available to urologists to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia outside of the operating room.

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Minimally invasive surgery has multiple benefits for the patient as well as the physician and the medical facility. A very important benefit of using the Pathfinder laser for prostate treatment is that the patient does not need to undergo the anesthesia typically required for operating room procedures. The patient and his doctor may opt to use oral medication combined with a nerve-block to ensure the procedure is painless. When the bph laser is used in office both the patient and doctor appreciate the convenience. There is no need to check into a medical facility, and the patient is able to go home the same day.

Minimally invasive laser surgery that can be done in the office of the doctor requires much less time. This means the urologist will be able to perform more procedures during a a day than would have been possible otherwise. Laser surgery procedures performed in the office of a urologist is more cost-effective for all parties. The doctor will not need to access any hospital resources, the physician is able to complete the procedure in less time and the cost to the patient is lower.

Proper training by medical laser manufacturers is essential when the equipment is acquired by a clinic or hospital. An experienced laser clinician should implement live clinical workshops for all medical personal who will be using a laser for surgical procedures. The training should include safety, functionality, system orientation, sterilization and operational techniques. The surgical laser is a very effective and innovative tool now available to the medical community, but the correct operating techniques are essential for the safety of the patient the success of surgical procedure. Minimally invasive surgery through the use of lasers is a great advancement in medical technology.