Men are not the greatest when it comes to looking after their bodies. Indeed, some men take better care of their cars than they do their health. Just like women, men are susceptible to gender-related diseases that can do serious damage to their health. And, for unspecified reasons, they are also more prone to general diseases. If you’re a man that wants to take care of his health, you need to understand the top health risks. Only then can you try and prevent them from happening.

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Prostate Cancer

Only men have prostates, so this one’s restricted to the male population. The problem with the prostate is two-fold. Firstly, any health problems might not show up like they would on another part of the body. And secondly, the prostate is a sensitive area. Even if men think they have a problem, they don’t want to go and have it checked because of the procedure. If you are the same, you need to take one for the team. A finger up your bum is better than cancer. No one can argue with that logic.

Heart Disease

The male population is also more likely to suffer from heart disease. There are a few reasons for this, some more obvious than others. To be honest, though, it all boils down to diet – men tend not to care about what they eat. Eating fatty and unhealthy foods tends to lead to high cholesterol and puts undue pressure on the heart. As a result, the heart starts to fail. The best way to deal with it is to eat as healthily as possible or cut down on your portion sizes. Also, you should exercise on a regular basis even as you get older.

Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, erectile dysfunction isn’t as fatal as the two previous health risks. But, it is well worth mentioning because millions of men suffer from ED every year. As you know, ED is the inability to get or maintain an erection. It might sound insignificant now, but it can be very damaging to men and their self-esteem. Plus, it can damage relationships as sex is a major part of any healthy relationship. The trick is to pick the ED treatment options that work for you. Popping a pill might be your preferred option, but you can’t if you have a pre-existing heart condition. In that case, you might need to go organic and change your lifestyle.


Now, it’s wrong to generalize and say that men are the only ones that have sexually transmitted infections. Of course, both men and women are just as susceptible. But, there is strong evidence to suggest that certain STIs are more likely among men. Obviously, the way to prevent an STI is to wear a condom and have protected sex. If you value having kids, you might want to rethink your sexual activity.

Depression And Suicide

At least 6 million men suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts on a yearly basis. The key is to accept that you have a problem and treat it. Only then can you start to get better.