The workload of laboratories have increased over the years. With all of the competition and demands for results, labs would need to be more efficient in their work and delivering much-needed information to physicians. This is why using LIS solutions for your workplace will help your team improve their productivity. There are a lot of benefits to integrating an LIS into your lab, including physicians getting information faster, making manual processes more automated, and saving time.

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Physicians Get Information Immediately

A study has shown the benefits of this kind of software, like stat requests decreasing from 40% to 7%. The study focuses on the effects of using both an EHR and LIS on lab processes. Much of the research has shown that overall efficiency has increased. That means information is obtained faster and lab users would be less likely to keep checking over the data a large number of times. This helps the physicians because they’ll get results immediately. LIS solutions provide information to them in real time.

Many Manual Processes are Now Automated

This saves the lab money because fewer people need to be hired. Not just labs, but a number of many businesses turn to software to help them complete certain tasks. This could include financially-related tasks, just as an example. Most of all, though, an LIS can increase accuracy. Not as many mistakes are made in certain processes, like the recording of data. It can put less risk for you, the physician, and their patients.

Time is Saved

More employees can focus on testing without worrying about writing down collected data. An LIS was made to reduce turnaround time. As such, time gaps in between the laboratory procedures can be cut down.

LIS solutions can vary by company. Some are even developed by lab users, like Aspyra. What’s important to remember is that lis solutions can save you time and money. It could be helpful for both your team and the client you work with. You can do research on different LIS solutions and see which one works best for you.