Buttock implants were first popular in America before growing in popularity in the UK – mainly because women crave a bottom to rival J.Lo or Nicki Minaj. Gone are the days that women with small bottoms rules magazines and TV – now it’s all about the big, rounded bums. For people who have flat bottoms with little or no shape, buttock implants are designed to give you a rounder, better looking bottom. However, as with any other surgical procedure, there are things to consider. We only recommend having surgery after trying exercises such as squatting to grow the bum you want. If you’re still set on having surgery, consider the following information before going ahead:

Definition of Bum Implants

Bum implants, otherwise referred to as ‘gluteoplasty’, is designed to enhance the buttocks and achieve more definition.

How the Procedure is Performed

Incisions will be made between the bum cheeks and a silicone implant will be placed in a pocket which has been created behind the buttock muscle. There have been horror stories here. There is even a video on Youtube of a woman turning her buttock implant around after it moved itself in the wrong position! This shouldn’t happen, so you need to make sure you go with a reputable surgeon in order for the procedure to be safe and successful, like one listed on ABSAMC.com.

Length of The Operation

You should be in operation for around an hour, but this depends on the complexity of your operation.


If you are currently on any medication, you must not take any drugs containing aspirin for 2 weeks before and after surgery. The procedure will be performed under general anaesthetic.


You will have dissolvable stitches once the treatment is complete. You will be left with scarring once the treatment is over, located between your bum cheeks.


You will normally get some swelling and bruising due to the implants. You’ll likely feel some discomfort, however; pain relieving medicine will be given to you so you can control this.

Bathing and Showering

Your dressing needs to be kept dry and remain in place until your stitches have dissolved. This normally takes up to 10 days. You will then be able to continue bathing.


2-3 weeks is the normal time it takes for you to recover, however in some cases it can take longer.

Time Off Work

The amount of time you have off work will vary from person to person. It totally depends on how well you feel and how quickly you seem to be healing. You should be gentle on yourself and avoid any activity that causes you pain. Exercise should be avoided for 6 weeks.

The Final Result

You should notice the final result of your bum implants after around 3 months. However, your scar will improve over a longer period of time.

Never go into a surgical procedure such as this one lightly. You need to have the correct attitude, along with realistic goals and expectations in order for this operation to be successful.

Buttock Fat Injections

Buttock fat injections are a less invasive buttock procedure than implants. This procedure consists of liposuction to remove fat from 2 areas of the body, and then having it injected into the buttocks. The advantage of this procedure over implants is that it can look more natural, plus the surgery is faster with less scarring. You’re also undergoing liposuction, so if you have excess fat in your stomach, the procedure can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The fat can be placed wherever your buttock most needs it, whereas the implant can only be placed in the upper area of your buttock. After the swelling has gone down, your bum should look much rounder and more voluminous. People usually find that their new look gives them added confidence and self-esteem that they never had before!

You’ll experience discomfort in the days after having the procedure, but not nearly as much as having the more invasive implants. The final results will be seen around 2-6 months after the procedure is carried out. There are still risks with this procedure though, so make sure you discuss these in full with your surgeon.


Exercise will require a lot of work and commitment on your part, but you will have achieved the results at a fraction of the price, and you can be proud to tell people that they are all natural – down to your hard work! You also have the added benefit of slimming down and toning other parts of your body, as well as becoming a healthier individual. Here’s what you should do to get a nice round behind:

  • Wide squats will help to work your hamstrings less and your bum more. Make sure you go as low as possible (ass to grass) while keeping your chin and chest up straight. Have your legs just over shoulder width apart with your feet pointed outwards. Keep the weight on your heels for the best results! Jump squats are also an amazing exercise for firming the bum and toning the legs. Simply perform a squat and then jump up as high as you can as many times as you can – you’ll feel the burn (this is a good sign).

  • Dumbbell squats and lunge variations.

  • Side lunges.

  • Compound movements in quick succession.

You can also add in cardio work in high intensity intervals (otherwise known as HIIT), and add weights to your exercises to make them more challenging. Aim to do 10-15 reps of 3 sets in order to see great results. Along with 2 litres of water a day and a clean diet filled with lean protein and good carbs/fats, you should see a massive improvement!

As you can see, there are plenty of options when you aren’t happy with the appearance of your bottom. It’s up to you to take action and decide which one is right for you! Remember, surgery won’t solve all of your problems, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. Go in with the right attitude and realistic goals for the best outcome.