Braces have improved quite a bit with more choices than the conventional metal braces that are sometimes uncomfortable to wear. Metal braces are still chosen by some but typically they are worn by children. This is why many adults are opting for clear braces to correct their dental problems.

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What are Clear Braces?

There are a few types from which to choose if you have decided on clear braces clayton mo. One is a clear type such as Ivisalign that are available from providers such as Brentwood Dental Group. The braces are almost invisible and they can be removed. This makes it easier to take care of your teeth when it comes to brushing and flossing. They are custom made by a laboratory from impressions your dentist takes from your teeth. The impressions are three-dimensional and new ones are made as your teeth begin to realign themselves.

Another type is ceramic braces. This type is either clear or white and use rubber bands or clips to hold them to an arch wire. The clips are called ligatures and they are changed on a regular basis as your teeth become straighter. As with metal braces, the ceramic braces stay in until the teeth are completely realigned. Because of their color, they are not as visible as metal braces. Sometimes this type is used with metal braces. The ceramic braces are put on the front teeth and metal ones are used on the back teeth where they are not as visible.

Inside braces are another type. They are fitted to the inside of the upper teeth as well as the lower teeth. Images are taken of the insides of your teeth and a computer designs the best fit for your teeth. They are preferred by many people who may not want anyone to know they are wearing braces. Some people have complained of this type being somewhat uncomfortable on their tongue in the beginning but generally they do not notice this discomfort after the first week.

Choosing which type is best for your needs is made simpler by talking to a dentist. They can make a recommendation based on your dental problems. Often adults who work with the public want an invisible type. This allows them to correct their teeth without wearing the conventional metal braces. Clear or invisible braces may be a bit higher in cost than metal braces. It will really depend on the length of time they must be worn or changed and the type that is chosen.