Individuals with certain disabilities or impairments may find it difficult to find a suitable job for which they are qualified and able to perform all job-related functions. While employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations, sometimes an individual may find there are certain tasks they just can’t do.

If you or someone you know has been affected by a physical or mental barrier that is keeping them from work, vocational rehabilitation Oregon may be a great choice to help overcome those barriers.

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation covers a broad range of services all intending to help an individual obtain and/or maintain a job. Individuals may benefit from vocational-specific training and skill improvement assistance to help match their abilities to the job which they are pursuing. Others may benefit from career counseling and help with employment searches to match their existing skills.

Who Can Benefit from Vocational Rehabilitation?

Individuals born with limiting physical or mental disabilities and impairments may find vocational rehabilitation services helpful from a young age. Depending on your unique needs, rehabilitional professionals will find the right support for you or your loved one to prepare for the transition into the workforce. Additionally, individuals who acquire new disabilities or impairments that impact you in your current work environment may utilize vocational rehabilitation resources to help with returning to work.

Where to Find Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The U.S. Department of Education funds vocational rehabilitation services in every state so all those seeking services will be able to find a range of online and in-person services to help meet their needs. A great place to start searching for services would be on your state government website, which will provide information about getting started with vocational rehabilitation.

If you or someone you love has a disability or impairment that prevents you from obtaining and maintaining work, utilizing vocational rehabilitation may be a great step forward towards career success.