More than 5000 people each year die due to abestos. Abestos is a naturally occuring silicate mineral that affects the lungs badly. Abestos was mostly present in construction materials and buildings before 2000 and ususally workers got infected by inhaling it. This disease will not immediately affect you but they take a really long time to show its symptoms. But once you diagnose it, then its often very late to do any cure. It is still dangerous and can cause following problems which are very serious. Get more asbestosis advice if you are interested.

  1. Mesothelioma:

A type of cancer that affects the lungs lining (pleura) and also the lower digestive tract lining which is meically called as (peritoneum). This is mostly happens due to exposure to abestos and by the time you diagnose it, it already has caused a lot of damage.

  1. Lung Cancer Due To Asbestos:

The cancer caused by asbestosis looks exactly the same as lung cancer caused by excessive smoking and other causes. It is estimated that for every mesothelioma death, at least one lung cancer is involved.

  1. Asbestosis:

A serious scarring disease of lung is known as asbestosis. This ususally happens when a person gets heaviy exposed to asbestos for a lot of years. Due to this condition, a person can face shortness of breath and can be fatal in some cases.

  1. Pleural Thickening:

One general problem that happens after heavy exposure to asbestos is the pleaural thikening. Your pleaura which is basically the lining of your lung swells and thickens. If this can’t be taken care immediately, your lung can squeeze itself which can cause discomfort in chest and shorten breath.

One thing to keep in mind is that people that get exposed to asbestos and also smoke face much more risk to get lung cancer.